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Casper - Hacked - Chili Sin Carne de Tijuana
Chili sin Carne WITH RICE (veggie)

Plant based chili sin carne served with rice. The real Mexican recipe

Casper - Hacked - Albondigas de Madrid
Albondigas WITH RICE (veggie)

Veggie meatballs with a zesty tomato sauce, paprika, spring onion and rice in one bowl!

Casper - Hacked - Vegan Nuggettekes
Nuggettekes (vegan)

NoChicken Nuggets served with a vegan mayo! A guilty pleasure, not so guilty!

Casper - Hacked - Vegan Thai curry
Thai Green Curry (vegan)

Thai curry with NoChicken chunks in a creamy mushroom sauce & topped off with parsley.

Casper - Hacked - Nomeatballs in tomato sauce
Nomeatballs in tomato sauce

Veggie meatballs in a zesty tomato sauce!

Vegan burger

Vegan bun, vegan mayo, lettuce, vegan patty, vegan cheddar, tomato, pickles, dried onion

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