Nicolas Claes & Toon Eeckelaert

co-founders of Burney’s

“We have been working with Casper since the start of our business and are satisfied with the quality of food to date. We were super-supervised during our start-up and still today about the way of working”

Jantine boelaarts & Paul van helden (Nul10)

Gloria franchisEES, MeCHELEN

“The experience with Casper has not only expanded our reach but also strenghtened our commitment to delivering quality and innovation in every dish we create.
We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership exploring new horizons, and serving up unforgettable flavors to your wonderful customers.”

Flo rys (Pulpe)

Gloria franchisEE, KORTRIJK

Working with Gloria as a dark kitchen has been a rewarding experience. Not only has it increased my income, but the training sessions and regular follow-up have given me real added value in the business. The team is responsive and adapts to my needs, which makes working with them even more enjoyable.

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