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Casper - Gloria - Classic Lasagna
Lasagna: The Classic

Classic lasagna with bolognese sauce & homemade cheese sauce

Casper - Gloria - Holy grail lasagna
Lasagna: The holy grail (spicy)

Spicy bolognese sauce combined with Homemade Alfredo! topped off with bacon, onion crush, cheese and Sriracha

Casper - Gloria - Holy grail lasagna
Holy Veggie

A vegetarian twist on our best seller. Plant-based bacon mixed with sriracha and creamy goodness.

Casper - Gloria - Classic Mac 'n Cheese
Mac ‘n cheese: classic

The classic macaroni & cheese with ham

Casper - Gloria - Mac 'n Cheese Holy Grail
Mac ‘n Cheese: The Holy Grail (Spicy)

Spicy bolognese sauce combined with Homemade Alfredo! Topped off with bacon, onion crush, cheese and Sriracha

Casper - Gloria - Penne 4 cheeses
penne: 4 cheeses (veggie)

Penne pasta with broccoli in a four cheeses sauce

Casper - Gloria - Penne Wild Mushrooms & Truffle
penne wild mushrooms & truffle

Penne pasta with mushrooms, tossed in a creamy sauce, drizzled with truffle oil

Casper Veggie Pasta Combo Groot
penne PERFECTION (veggie)

Veggie pasta dish that expertly blends two delicious recipes into one, featuring four cheeses & broccoli, and truffle & wild mushrooms.


For those who can’t choose between a classic mac’n cheese and a holy grail, this Macaroni Mashup combines best of both worlds. 50% classic and 50% holy grail, topped with spicy sriracha and dried onions.

Casper - Gloria in the kitchen

Gloria is a 70s Italian mama with curves in all the right places and a great love for oven-baked pastas! Her

casa is always full of love & her dishes burst with it!

She once had a trattoria in the middle of Naples but has after many years, swapped this for a home at Casper! Gloria has brought Casper cosiness and a whole lot of cooking sass!

For every pasta dish we have, we start with the classic – classic lasagna & classic mac & cheese. But Gloria is a sassy lady & loves nothing more than jazzing dishes up!

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