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Casper - Bertha - Tomatosoup with meatballs
Tomato Soup with Meatballs

Artisanal tomato soup served with mini meatballs & freshly baked bread

Casper - Bertha - Flemish beef stew
Flemish Beef Stew

Belgium’s famous Flemish carbonnade

Casper - Bertha - Vol au vent
vol au vent

Creamy chicken & meatballs, mushrooms with a puff pastry!

Casper - Bertha - Meatballs in tomato sauce
meatballs in tomato sauce

Classic Belgian meatballs in tomato sauce. Add your side!

Casper - Bertha - Scotch Egg
Scotch egg

Meatballs with a boiled egg centre, in a tomato sauce and mashed potato

ham chicory roll & mash

Oven baked chicory, wrapped in ham roll dressed with a creamy sauce, cheese & mash potatoes. The flemish classic!


Minced meat with mashed potatoes, au gratin with herbs.

Casper - Dough

We all have that friend with a grandmother who is always cooking.
That’s Bertha for us. Bertha is kind, caring and always knows when you’re hungry. She truly believes everything can be fixed with a big plate of good food. You don’t even need to wait until Sunday for Bertha to cook up her storms – her dishes are available for you everyday, right here!

Casper - Variety of dishes

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