Barney’s Burgers

Barney’s Burgers
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Barney’s Burgers

Our legendary head chef went out and did something daring.

Barney’s Burgers.

We took the all-time favourite guilty-pleasure – burger – removed the four-page menu and removed the unnecessary, soggy & bland extras. What we crafted is a burger that has been given a lot of thought, long and hard, so that we can deliver you the perfect burger fast and uncomplicated.

Barney’s Burgers
Barney’s Burgers
Barney’s Burgers

Barney’s Burgers are crafted per order and done without pretence.
Order the burger alone or add the finishing touch with our fabled sides.
We like to think of Barney’s Burgers as ‘fine dining made fun dining’.


Our juicy 100% Black Aberdeen patty. Stacked with our local farmer’s cheddar cheese!

Confusing carnivores since 2020. A dirty treat, without the meat!

Our classic burger with crispy bacons slices, egg, onion crush & our Casper secret sauce. Recommended by our burger master Manu.

Crispy chicken filet meets a delicious homemade tartar sauce and some crunchy onions.

Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce in a soft bun.

A Japaneese beef Sukiyaki in a delicious & soft bun with marinated veggie and Kentang fries

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