Casper has made it a key purpose to continuously strive towards environmental impact reduction.

Casper strives towards a zero (food) waste goal for which the company works in collaboration with TooGoodToGo.

Additionally, Casper is continuously improving its logistics and packaging in order to work with the most optimal and eco-friendly solutions. We use 98% compostable packaging for all takeaway / delivery orders.


Casper has made it a key purpose to take care of all its employees and its surrounding community as far as possible.

Upskilling of employees through offering plenty growth opportunities. Challenging career opportunities and perspectives for all employees, creating a vibrant company atmosphere and reflecting well on the brand. Ongoing support to community projects & charity organisations. Casper focuses on local products, by sourcing sauces, meats and vegetables from local farms and beers from local breweries.

People & Planet

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