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Full Monty

Full Monty

Hold your Horses cuz Casper’s Full Monty offers you some truly exceptional, exclusive and exquisite top notch mac and cheeses!

Full Monty.

Discover our Full Monty brand, home to all sorts of Mac n’ Cheeses!
All of them oven baked, crunchy on top and, what else, dripping with cheese.
You prefer your Mac peppered with bacon, mushrooms or even meatless?
Cherish our flavors and embrace yours.
You can not hide.
Casper is going Full Monty on you.

Full Monty
Full Monty
Full Monty


The classic needs very little introduction: Macaroni & Cheese with ham.

Macaroni & cheese with meatballs and leek.

Holy Grail Mac & Cheese style! The Bavet Special sauce with Say Cheese, topped off with bacon, onion crush and sriracha.

Macaroni & cheese with peas, broccoli, madras curry, topped off with almonds.

Bavet’s Hot Tomato sauce with Ricotta and topped off with pine nuts!

The meatless version of the Bavet, Macaroni style! Plant based mince sauce with Gehackt from the Vegetarische Slager finished with an oven roasted crust.

Macaroni with creamy tomato sauce and Bavet’s Say Cheese with spinach, mushrooms and thyme herbs.
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